Why Go Green? 

You might not even realise that as a property business you are already on the green journey. Your properties are already complying with a minimum energy rating of E and above.  
Our Government became the first to mandate being carbon zero by 2050 and businesses are already working hard to reduce their carbon footprints. It is these companies that will be actively seeking properties for their staff and that will also help them meet these targets. So, green proofing is a sound decision as this demand for green rentals will only continue to grow. 
But more than that we know that on a personal level you are concerned about climate change and how it will not just impact on your business, but how it will affect those you care about. We know your business is not just about profiting, but about providing security for the future without causing harm. Being ethical is a core business value for us and for you and being green is the start of this journey. 
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